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TOTAL LEISURE SOLUTIONS can supply and fix a variety of natural stone which is suitable for use in and around indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spas and wet areas.

We can also provide a complete overflow system, which creates a seamless arrangement of flooring to pool edge configuration, eliminating the need for gaudy plastic channel grating.

All our Stone products can be provided as non-slip and the range includes flooring, copings, grilles and skirting's along with other bespoke pieces.

For freeform pools or circular spas, we can provide a custom service where templates can be taken and stone cut to suit. Where grilles are not required, stone can be cut, shaped and bullnosed on site by our skilled stonemasons.

Our stone masons have portable cutting and shaping machines on site, so difficult areas such as radium's` can be formed there and then. This takes a lot of skill and the finish is highly impressive, also negating the need to create a template to be sent off to a factory, then wait, sometime weeks, for the stone to be manufactured. our skilled masons can do it all for you.

Tel: 01257 440440 Fax: 01257 452299

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